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tal·ent \ [tal-uh nt]


An expertise, gift or technique;
natural aptitude or skill.

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u·nique \ [yoo-neek]


Being the only one of its kind;
unlike anything else.

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Welcome to TalentTeam, a division of Temporary Resources.  Together with our direct hire sister company, Professional Recruiters, we’ve been providing unique staffing and recruiting strategies in the Salt Lake City market since 1977.

TalentTeam has been built to meet the needs of the modern HR marketplace.  Clients love our talent acquisition and screening systems because they consistently deliver outstanding, highly productive employees.  Job seekers love our people because we recognize, embrace, grow and nurture the talent every applicant represents.

TalentTeam employs a unique, exclusive and nontraditional approach to modern workforce management.  We are a local company with national horsepower.  World-class risk-management systems compliment cutting-edge technical capacities.  Acquiring and nurturing the best talent while managing and mitigating employment risks in an increasingly difficult regulatory environment is our mission.  Get ready for a level of service you’ve never experienced before.

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