Business is good!

Salt Lake City and Utah are both seen as great places to do business.  Salt Lake City was recently ranked number five on the list of “Best Performing Cities in America,” based on wages, jobs and technology trends shaping future opportunities.  The city is number one in “Worker Productivity” according to the Brookings Institution and number five “Best Cities For Technology” by Forbes.  Utah is number one “Highest Ranked for Economic Outlook” and number three “Best States for Business.”

See a report with detail on all these studies.

Utah is the youngest state in the nation, and number two per capita in higher education funding.  This young and well-educated workforce is a good recipe for business success. Get more information on Utah demographics.

Healthcare, government and education dominate Utah’s list of largest employers.

Utah’s economy is “approaching virtually full employment” according to Governor Gary Herbert, and is creating jobs far faster than the national economy.  View a full briefing on Utah’s employment numbers.