TalentTalk 2019!

TalentTalk 2019 was a huge success!  The meeting room at the Lehi Adobe building was packed with HR and business professionals.  Presentations featured topics from economic development plans in the southern part of Salt Lake County to employee burnout and retention.  The food was fabulous, adding to the informal and friendly vibe.  Networking time gave attendees a chance to compare best practices and commiserate about the candidate that got away, and door prizes kept the energy high!

TalentTalk Crowd
Art Behnke from IM Flash talks about the benefits of hiring veterans.

Big shout-out to Adobe for hosting TalentTalk!  Guests were given a tour of their amazing facility following the event, wowing everyone with their technology and design. 

Get your copy of the slide decks by clicking the links below.  Watch for videos of the event, coming soon!

Jake Young, from the Salt Lake County Regional Planning Office, presented on the development of the Salt Lake west bench, population trends, and workforce planning statistics.

Carolyn Adams, an HR technology consultant who has addressed Dreamforce, talked about the impact of technology on HR. HR can make more data driven decisions and improve on metrics with technology!

Art Behnke, Workforce Planning Manager at IM Flash, provided data supporting what we all knew – veterans make awesome employees! Art should know, he’s a retired Marine fighter pilot.

Allie Waite, a Utah County based HR consultant, provided data linking employee productivity, wellness and turnover. Is your company culture creating turnover due to employee burnout?

Adam Boyce, the Learning Coordinator for Workfront, shared research on the value of Human Centered Design. You really can design meaningful experiences and unlock the potential of your workgroup!